How to fix a corrupt registry in Windows 10 or Windows 11


Once it does complete you’re gonna be greeted with a detailed list of errors. Now to repair them all, you need to select the ones you want to fix and then click on Clean. If you know that some errors aren’t really errors and you don’t want them touched, they can be easily excluded with the help of Exclusions tab. From the main menu which can be seen in the image above the only thing that you need to do in order to start the scan is click on the Scan button in the top left corner.

When an application fails, it crashes — it’s not enough to have logging. You also need to properly handle errors so the user doesn’t get a confusing error message and then a crashed application. If that happens, the user’s work is no longer saved. Frustrated users will choose another application that’s more stable. Error handling ensures that your application either continues after the error or closes gracefully, saving the user’s data. Several third-party tools are available that will help you log to the Event Viewer, but you can store logs in additional locations.

Fix 4: Re-Install Device Drivers

Run DISM [Link] commandAfter the command is executed, exit the command prompt and check if this has fixed the broken registry items. We’d like to stress that changing the Windows Registry using registry cleaner apps isn’t necessary for most users. They offer few benefits to users with healthy registry entries but include great risks, especially if you remove the wrong entries from your PC.

  • Equally, there is not much in the way of Help documentation.
  • To update, right click on the USB device and select Update Driver Software.
  • Although they have the same fundamentals, they have differences in their implementation.
  • In most cases, a Windows 8 PC will create restore points every few days.

SELinux Mode Default Response Result Enforcing Yes Choose ‘yes’ to install the Authentication Proxy’s SELinux module. If you choose ‘no’ then the SELinux module is not installed, and systemd cannot start the Authentication Proxy service. Permissive No Choose ‘no’ to decline install of the Authentication Proxy’s SELinux module.

During the boot process, the ________ is responsible for loading the operating system from the hard drive into RAM.

Windows event logs include both actions taken by users and those taken by processes executing on the computer. If there is an issue with the system, they can provide an admin with crucial context for reaching a resolution. At the surface, it looks like creating logs from your application is enough, but logging without any kind of monitoring leaves you blind to what is going on under the hood. Suppose you have an issue with your application in which users are unable to finalize a purchase. You’re logging an event that explains the error to developers, but no one is aware of the issue in real time and your customers continue to have checkout issues. It isn’t until a customer complains that developers are finally aware, but this can be after thousands of dollars are lost.

So, now you know what can hurt your Windows registry, let’s now explore how to fix all the broken registry items on Windows 11. The registry has two basic key elements — keys and values. Whenever you install new software, launch a program or change hardware settings, Windows always refers to the registry to retrieve the relevant keys and values. Overall, registry cleaners are safe, but only use reputable cleaners. Some are just malware in disguise or they promise to speed up your PC only to slow it down, just like phone cleaner/booster apps.

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