Who are we

Enjoy life, respect people, cherish traditions

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Who are we

Enthusiasts and professionals, united by our love for

Nepal and yearning for art, aspiring to create a new reality and make a difference. After a couple of years of planning and analyzing, we came to Nepal with a new innovative project. We started our project at the end of 2019. We are planning to become a dynasty and promote Nepal worldwide with the best products proudly made in Nepal. 

Our name

Äja Dynasty. The word “Aja” means “today” in Sanskrit. We are present. We live in the moment. We live AJA. Äja Dynasty – Today’s Dynasty.

Our goal

We bring Nepalese culture and spirit into your everyday life with a help of high-quality authentic Nepalese products transformed into an original designer brand. (Feel free to change)

Our vision

Design your life with the timeless Äja Dynasty style.

Our mission

Promote Nepal worldwide with the best products proudly made in Nepal.


We transform Authentic Nepalese Products (ANP) into fashionable souvenirs and gifts items.


We carefully select the best products from Nepal. Our product range will be extensive, from apparel and accessories to the best teas, coffees, sweets, and many many more

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