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Our Commitment

Aja Dynasty stands by its commitment that its products consist of a minimum of 85%  Nepali-sourced materials. The company acts consciously and mindfully to ensure humane working conditions for its artisans and limited environmental impact. We believe in giving back to the communities we serve. Through various initiatives, we support local communities and environmental projects, promoting sustainable development and social well-being.

Aja Dynasty knows that our earth, and the sacred land of Nepal, is a cherished gift. The company continually looks for new ways to be in harmony with our environment, and wants our customers to feel good about the gift of Aja Dynasty’s products.

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Chepang Women

Chepang women are involved in conservation and recycling in creative ways. Rice is a major food staple in the region. The Chepang women separate the threads from empty rice sacks, boil them, and use the material to crochet bags for Aja Dynasty.

Other bags, produced from plants and lignans, are 100% organic and biodegradable.  They do not leech harmful chemicals into the environment.

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Local Weavers

Aja Dynasty also supports the local economy by employing local weavers to make 100% pure cotton handles, by hand loom, for its variety of bags.

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Candle Unit

Aja Dynasty continues its commitment to sustainability through its relationships with local beekeepers who provide the beeswax for its line of candles. Throughout the production process of its candles, Aja Dynasty recycles and re-uses materials as much as possible.

No harmful chemicals or additives are used in the production of its candles, which are made from 100% Nepali beeswax and scented with local essential oils.

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