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Aja Dynasty – Your Trusted Wholesale Partner

At Aja Dynasty, we are committed to providing exceptional-quality products and exceptional service to our wholesale customers. With our competitive pricing, streamlined ordering process, and dedication to your satisfaction, we’re confident we can be your trusted wholesale partner.

Contact us today to explore the benefits of our Bulk Order and Wholesale Program!
Email: sales@ajadynasty.com
Phone: 9802325676

How it works

Contact Us

Reach out to us via email, Whatsapp or our contact form. We’d love to partner with you for any large event, corporate gift or any other occasion you have in mind. Every bulk order is completely curated to your needs and can be subject to discounts.

Customize your order

We can customize any craft order for you. You may order any of the items available on our website or submit a request for unfeatured crafts. We have direct partnerships with our artisans so we can create any craft product from any part of the country.

Our artisans make your order

We work closely with you throughout the period of production, keeping you apprised and updated on how your order is progressing right from the sampling to the end of the production schedule.

Receive your shipment

Bulk orders can be delivered both domestically within India or internationally. However, delivery times will vary depending on the items selected or delivery destination.



How to order?

From the item page, select the desired color and size of the product
Add the product to your Shopping Bag
Once you have finished shopping, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button in your Shopping Bag
Enter your email and your shipping address
Select a shipping and a payment method
Check that the information you entered is correct and click “Purchase Now”
If you are paying with a credit card, before completing your purchase, you may be asked for a secondary authentication in order for your payment to be authorized. In this case, you will need to insert a one-time password, an SMS code, or another authentication method, in accordance with the established procedures of the credit card provider.
You will receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter with the details of your order. From this moment on, our warehouse will take care of everything and as soon as the order ships, we will notify you with another confirmation email.

Where is product information?

On each product page, you will find all available sizes and colors, a description and the composition of the item. Click on the product image to zoom in and see all of the details.

Where can I search for a particular item?

To easily browse our catalog, select a category from the navigation menu or browse our selections on the homepage. To find something more specific, use our filters or the website search option.

How do Promotional Codes work?

The Promotional Codes of Aja Dynasty Online Store give you access to exclusive offers. To receive Promotional Codes, subscribe to our Newsletter.
To take advantage of a promotion, enter the code in the appropriate field at checkout and click “Apply”. Only one Promotional Code can be used for each order.
If the code doesn’t work, please verify the dates of the promotion and which products and categories it can be applied to from the newsletter.

What is a pre-order and how does it work?

A pre-order is the reservation of an item that is not yet available for sale, but soon will be available. An estimated delivery date is indicated for each pre-order item within the product page.
Mixed orders consisting of currently available and pre-order items: the products will be dispatched at two different times, but you will be charged only once for the shipping fees
Order consisting of pre-order items with different delivery dates: the products will be shipped together on the latest estimated delivery date.
You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the package is shipped. The purchase of pre-order items can be made with Credit Card only. Once you complete your order, we will ask your bank to verify the provided details; the validity of your credit card could be confirmed through a payment authorization of 10 DKK for Danish orders, 10 SEK for Swedish orders and 1 Euro for all other countries. This authorization is not a charge: Aja Dynasty Online Store will charge your card only once the package is being shipped.

Can I shop from my Mobile device?

As you wish, you can navigate the mobile-optimized version of our website.

Can I change my order and add other products or remove them?

Unfortunately, no. Each order is processed automatically and once it has been confirmed, it is not possible to modify the details. To purchase additional items, you must place a new order. To return any items, please, refer to our Return Policy.

Can I cancel my order?

We are sorry, but once an order has been confirmed, it is processed automatically and cannot be canceled. The package can be returned as indicated in our Return Policy.

More than 24 hours have passed and I still haven't received an Order Confirmation email. What should I do?

Check your spam folder and make sure that info@ajadynasty.com is in the safe senders list of your email account. This will prevent the anti-spam filter from blocking future communications.
If this doesn’t work, please contact us as there may be errors with the email address you registered with.

Why have items that I added to my Bag disappeared?

Until an order is concluded, items added to your Bag remain available on the website and can therefore be purchased by other customers. If this should happen before you complete your order, you will receive a notification that the items are no longer available.

What is my order’s status?

Order being prepared: The order has been confirmed and we have already sent a confirmation email with the Order Number.
Order has shipped: As soon as the order is shipped from our warehouse, we will send you a confirmation email with the Tracking Number to track the delivery.
It is possible to check the order status at any time by entering the Order Number in the Follow your Order page: Registered users can also find all information related to their orders in the My Account area.

Why do I have technical problems?

Our website is best viewed with the latest versions of the major browsers. Make sure that you have installed the most updated versions of the browsers that you most frequently use.
If you experience navigation problems, we suggest that you:
Eliminate any Cookies and Temporary Files from your computer.
Check that Javascript is enabled.
If the problem persists, please, contact us with the following details:
Your operating system (Windows Vista, Mac OS X, etc.)
Internet browser and version (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari, …)
The URL that you were trying to access (for example, www.ajadynasty.com)

How to follow my order?

Enter your Order Number in the space below to see the list of items you have ordered and information on their delivery status.
If you have just concluded your order, the details will be available in a few minutes.

How do I know the right size?

The size shown on the item’s label is indicated on every Product Page and converted into your country’s corresponding size. To search for the size that interests you, please, use our Size Chart which should help you find the right fit with an indicated value, from XXS to XXXL, which we use to group all different sizes together in one system.
Find the right size for you with the help of our tables:
Woman: Clothing – Underwear & Beachwear – Shoes – Accessories
Man: Clothing – Shoes – Accessories
Kids: Clothing – Shoes – Accessories

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