Newari food

Nepal is a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multireligious nation. With multiple cultures comesmultiple cuisines that are diverse in taste. Nepal’s food is a mixture of the food habits ofpeople of different cultures and traditions. The food in the Himalayas is somewhat influencedby Tibetan and Chinese cuisines; whereas the Terai sees more influence from ndian cuisine.However, some […]

Return Policy

14-DAY “COOLING OFF” PERIODWhenever you shop at you are entitled to a 14- day period after receiving your order during which you can change your mind. Thus, if you wish to withdraw your order you should inform our customer service and send the order back within fourteen days after its arrival. You will receive […]


Our partner for delivery is DHL. After adding the product to a shipping card, shipping can be calculated automatically according to the delivery address. Macte Design OU does not bear responsibility for the possible loss or damage of the product during delivery. Macte Design OU will however always work with the best service providers available […]

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