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Aja Dynasty Tharu Cushion Cover: Tharu Tattoo

by Shop Editor on 21/06/2022

Aja Dynasty Tharu Cushion Cover: Tharu Tattoo
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Tharu women showing their tattoo.

How many of you have argued with your parents to get one small tattoo on your body? bwin sport
But in one ethnic community of Nepal getting a tattoo is part of the culture. And that is Tharu ethnic community. Can you believe it?
Tharu tattoo is more practiced by women in comparison to a man. It is called “Khodna” or “Godna. الربح الحقيقي These tattoos are inspired by natural elements such as rays of the sun, peacocks, ground nut shrubs, snakes, and so on. Some women can be seen with various tattoos like temple, heart, name of God, cooking pot, and so on as well. العاب تربح مال

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Tattoo on the hand of Tharu woman

Tharu women just do not get their bodies inked without having a specific reason. Tharu women get inked having several motives.
They get tattooed as they believe that getting a tattoo on any part of the body secures a place in heaven or else you would end up in hell. In this Tharu community, newborn babies are tattooed on the leg, hands, or chest following the Hindu rituals and same beliefs.
If someone is having pain in any part of the body tattoo was the medicine, not the doctor. Tharu people believed making tattoos upon pain makes the way for pain to get out from the body.
Another belief for having a tattoo was bareness. If a married woman isn’t being to have a baby, she must have a tattoo on her chest.
A few years back, tattoos were a must-do thing for married women and young girls to enhance their beauty. Tattoos were taken as permanent jewelry for women for their beautification. العاب تربح فلوس حقيقية

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Tattoo on the leg of Tharu woman.
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Tattoo on the hand of Tharu woman.

Not only for beautification in the past women used to get inked on their bodies to avoid being sex slaves for Royal people as tattoos were considered as unappealing.
The tattoo has always been the foremost asset of Tharu culture. But in the present generation, we can only see tattoos on old women’s bodies. Due to modernization loss of the culture is certainly heartbreaking. استراتيجية روليت
This Tharu Cushion Cover is designed by Aja Dynasty as a small step to preserve the tradition. بيت فاينل
You can find Aja Dynast’s Tharu Cushion Cover in two different sizes and in four different designs i.e named Tharu Cushion Cover 1, Tharu Cushion Cover 2, Tharu Cushion Cover 3, and Tharu Cushion 4.

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