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The Annapurna Express

by Shop Editor on 10/06/2022

The Annapurna Express

In an event titled “Salute,” organized by Annapurna Express as a part of ‘ApEx Pioneers’ and ‘My Vision Of Nepal,’ to honour 100 distinguished individuals of Nepal, Aja Dynasty joined the initiative by providing authentic Nepalese souvenirs and gift items to all the visionaries. لعبة قمار حقيقية A hundred professionals were selected on the basis of their contributions that have made a tremendous impact in various industries such as manufacturing, commerce, banking, construction, financial services, tourism, media, film, music, art, and much more in Nepali society. العاب بوكر اون لاين These visionaries have paved a better pathway for all the upcoming leaders in their respective industries. ويليام هيل

Aja Dynasty full page Ad in The Annapurna Express
Aja Dynasty as a gift partner of The Annapurna Express

Aja Dynasty joined hands with Annapurna Express to celebrate and acknowledge these 100 visionaries of Nepal from all walks of life. Aja Dynasty believes in empowering youth and visionaries to bring about a positive change in society. It also supports the women of rural Nepal by providing them opportunities to better their livelihood. Aja Dynasty sources its raw materials ethically, locally, and sustainably ensuring optimum quality in its products. موقع 365 سبورت It is playing a huge role in the upliftment of the craft industry of Nepal by taking Nepali crafts to the global market. 1xbet موقع لعبة فلوس


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